Helianthus annuus ~ Watercolour on paper


Helianthus annuus
 ~ Watercolour on paper


The Ice Is Getting Thinner - Death Cab For Cutie

And it saddens me to say,
What we both knew was true.
That the ice was getting thinner,
Under me and you. 

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Wow I love you so much this really sucks damn it I love you with every piece of my heart that is left and I think I always will I’m so sorry you have to worry about me I love you I love you I love you thank you my dear

guys I have 88 drafts that are mostly personal text posts and they are a pretty accurate representation of me






set me free, leave me be
I don’t wanna fall another moment into your gravity

I still love the people I’ve loved, even if I cross the street to avoid them.


"And I am finally seeing why I was the one worth leaving … "

Frank Turner - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight


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2013: finland. 2014: utah. (important to this reunion: ville’s “american” clothing.)

2013: finland. 2014: utah. (important to this reunion: ville’s “american” clothing.)

the finnish man is in utah. as in from finland. I am seeing the finnish man tomorrow. after a year. it is going to be impossible for me to maintain an air of cool. send prayers.

I know sometimes
it’s still hard to let me see you
in all your cracked perfection,
but please know:
whether it’s the days you burn
more brilliant than the sun
or the nights you collapse into my lap
your body broken into a thousand questions,
you are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
I will love you when you are a still day.
I will love you when you are a hurricane.